Why brainstorming is good for business!

How often you do you take the time out of your business to brainstorm new ideas? It is very important to set time aside to keep ideas fresh (and flowing) which will ensure that your business stays interesting with innovative initiatives and new offerings.

We have all heard of the saying that two heads are better than one when it comes to solving or discussing ideas or challenges, but imagine if you have more people involved, how powerful that could be.

I really value the input and ideas put forward to me from others, for use in my own business.

10 Top Tips

If you are not currently involved in any brainstorming sessions, then maybe set one up for yourself, I guarantee that you will enjoy it, find it useful, productive and fun!

Here are my 10 top tips for a productive business brainstorming session:

  • Choose a smaller group of people (or just one or two other people if you prefer) who you admire or they inspire you to brainstorm with you. Meet regularly.
  • Create a relaxed agenda for the session. Don’t waste the valuable time you have together, make it count.
  • Have a firm idea of what you want to achieve from your session.
  • Meet in a neutral space if possible, away from your work place.
  • Switch off phones and devices, otherwise you’ll be distracted.
  • Put all ideas into the ‘pot’ and see what floats to the surface. All ideas are valuable.
  • Encourage sharing of insights, experience and thoughts.
  • Write down any actions which result from your session, to be able to report back the next time you meet.
  • Keep in touch between meetings
  • Have an annual meeting which is for the sole purpose of tracking the successes and achievements from your previous brainstorming sessions.

If you work alone, it is very important to stay connected to other like minded business owners, to gain a balanced perspective about your business. Don’t spend too much time ‘inside’ your own head! Share your ideas to help others.

Why brainstorm?

There are many reasons why brainstorming sessions are beneficial. Being alone with your own ideas and thoughts mean that you only have your own creativity or thought process, so you will never be able to go beyond your own thinking style. Involving other people opens up a completely different perspective and way of thinking on many levels. Brainstorming is good for some of the following reasons:

Thinking about new business services

Creating new products

Creating new campaigns

Innovation – keeping things fresh and interesting

Advertising slogans


Product names

If you form a brainstorming group with your business friends or colleagues, then here are a few basic rules to get the most from your time together:

4 Basic Rules

  • Focus on the quantity of ideas, not the quality (the quality will come later if any are ‘worked up’ or refined further).
  • NO criticism is allowed; the best ideas often stem from ‘throwaway’ remarks.
  • Encourage crazy or wild thinking and ‘half formed’ ideas to be expressed.
  • Combine, improve and refine ideas together. Nobody takes ownership but everybody gains.

The benefits

There are many benefits to being part of a brainstorming group. As a group (or team if you have employees) it builds involvement, enthusiasm, sharing, encourages a shared creative thinking, builds confidence and self-esteem. People like being asked for their input, ideas, solutions and opinions.

Brainstorming without boundaries

Often the most productive sessions are those that are informal and relaxed, free of boundaries or restrictions. When the mind is allowed to be truly free and creative, great ideas, thoughts and solutions can appear from nowhere!

Give it a go

If you’ve not been part of a collaborative group before, and experienced the brilliant results you can achieve, then seriously consider it, it will help your business thrive and stay innovative.

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Photo courtesy of Kelly Sikkema – Unsplash