A fully focused 90 minutes dedicated to you and your business

What is a Hot Seat session?

My Hot Seat sessions give my clients the chance to pick my brains about the concerns they’re facing within their business.

Is it right for you?

If you are struggling to move forward with your business, you’ll benefit from an honest, impartial chat with a business development consultant who’s been in your shoes and knows exactly how tricky it can be to dig yourself out of a company-shaped hole.

How long will it take?

My Hot Seats last for 90 minutes. I find that this gives us enough time to chat about your background, your business and your biggest obstacles, without delving too deeply into the finer details of your business strategy.

Do we need to meet face-to-face?

No! During the pandemic I moved my business online so my Hot Seat sessions are taken via Zoom video conferencing. I discovered that my clients love the convenience of it.

What will you take away from your time with me?

After gaining an overview of your business, I will help you identify your key challenges and come up with creative ways to overcome them. I will also be able to spot – and then plug – any obvious gaps in what you’re offering.

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testimonials and reviews jan ibbott business advisor for women

“Business Networking can yield amazing results for a business but only if you work at it, nothing happens without effort and input.”

Jan Ibbott

“Never lose sight of your dream – you have to dream big to be big in business.”

Jan Ibbott

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I know that when it comes to helping businesses grow, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. As a dedicated business development consultant, I’m always on hand to guide my clients through the difficulties they will inevitably face, delivering expert insights in a clear and honest way and helping them navigate unfamiliar territory.