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Networking for business is something that I always recommend to my clients as part of their marketing activity. Many know me from my long involvement with WIBN, a members-only organisation that run monthly networking groups for women across the UK plus virtual online groups too.

As the founder and creator of WIBN in 2005, I learned so much about business from developing & growing the network across the UK using a franchised business model. During this time I have met so many women who were inspiring to me and others, women who were following their dream to own a profitable and successful business. I am in touch with many still today.

I decided to sell the business and the brand in 2011 to focus on supporting new and existing business owners like you with my consultancy and mentorship services. However, I was still involved running agroups around Essex, North London and the Hertfordshire area until 2021, which means today I am in contact with all kinds of brilliant business women from my time with WIBN. It has enabled me to build a valuable and extensive network.

From accountants and HR consultants to design and marketing creatives, I’m still in contact with amazing women who have the skills to help you push your business forward.

I often make referrals and recommendations as part of my consultancy work, based on the services you need to support your company. It’s just another way I can provide extra value for my clients when they choose me as their dedicated business advisor.

WIBN Works!

If you would like to grow your own business through networking and understand the value of building long lasting relationships with other business women, I can thoroughly recommend you join WIBN, to fast track your business growth and discover new strategic partners. You’ll meet women just like you, who want to support you. WIBN is the fastest growing network for premium networking. WIBN works and delivers to its members. Many thousands of women over the years have started their networking with WIBN and gained amazing results. You can too!

If you are unsure if business networking is for you and how it would be good for your business, why not contact me for a informal chat and I can tell you more how it can help you to grow your business and your brand.

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“Being focused in business can acheive amazing results”

Jan Ibbott

“Work with the best professionals you can afford to elevate your business”

Jan Ibbott

As a business advisor, I’ll always advise my clients to include business networking as part of their marketing activity.

If you are looking to grow your business through meaningful, strategic relationships and partnerships…