Business Consultancy Services

My business consultancy services are created to support female founders and business women who are passionate about developing and growing their business.

When you do what you love, it appears easy but even the most successful business founders sometimes need the support of an advisor, mentor or peers to help them through the sometimes tough decision making process or to use each other as a sounding board for new ideas, opportunities or challenges.

I can help you to improve your business through a variety of different services:

Strategy Session

A strategy session is used to discuss the ‘bigger picture’ for your business, where it is going and how it will get there. It’s about planning how to develop or scale a business.

The time we will spend together will be used to plan the ‘grand plan’ strategy for the next 3-10 years also factoring in how you will eventually exit. We’ll talk about the possibilities for your business, where you want to go with it, your aspirations and your goals. From the information I will piece together the way to achieve the bigger picture and we will formulate a sensible and actionable plan together for you to achieve it. The Strategy Session is half a day (lasting 3.5 hours) and held via Zoom.

If you want a more detailed session, you can book another additional session a few days later, to delve deeper into the ‘nitty gritty’ and layer the details for implementation or creating processes needed to achieve your strategic plan. Read here for more information

Hot Seat

The ‘Hot Seat’ is a ‘power packed’ express business session via Zoom to discuss one aspect of your business. It is 90 minutes and can be used to chat through a business concern, an opportunity, client issues, your exit strategy and many more different business scenarios. Use the time as you wish! Pick my brain and use me as your ‘sounding board’ or advisor. Read here for more information

Mastermind Programme

I have created an ‘Momentum’ Mastermind & Mentoring Group to support ambitious female entrepreneurs. It has purposely been created for a small intimate group consisting of up to 6 founders and business women, who want to develop, grow or scale their business. Each Mastermind Group will be curated with care to attract business women who are at a similar stage of business. It will appeal to women who want to accelerate their business progress, how they operate it, grow it and scale it. The group sessions will be taken over Zoom. They will be facilitated by me and include a dedicated monthly ‘Hot Seat’ opportunity for each founder. Each person will be the primary focus to help and support their business goals and objectives. In addition there will be private 1:1 mentoring support from me between groups meetings to ensure motivation and goals are firmly on track.

If this sounds like something that would suit you and your business, please contact me for an informal ‘no obligation’ chat. We can ensure that this group will be a good fit for you and your business.

The Founders Club

The Founders Club has been created to support female founders who are ambitious and want to develop or scale their business using a peer group made up of likeminded business founders at similar stages of growth or development. A membership group for sharing knowledge, best practices, ideas, solutions, and encouraging each other to take business to the next level.

Monthly online sessions are held via Zoom.

The Founders Club is a membership group for aspirational business women. No sales or self-promotion allowed at the meetings, the focus is firmly on the individual and their experience rather than their business. The purpose is to develop knowledge as a founder and improve business acumen, to learn from each other.

Groups are carefully curated. The criteria for each member is that they must be the brand owner and have independently set up, launched and invested in their business development. The groups attract women who have ambition for growth or scale. Membership (and as a visitor to a group) will be by invitation only. If this sounds like a group you’d like to be part of, aligning yourself to motivated and ambitious business founders, then please get in touch. Read here for more information

Business Mentoring

My monthly mentoring programme is a popular service for ambitious founders to work directly with me on their business. Each client can choose the level of support they need, from a minimum of 1.5 hours per month. There is a minimum commitment of a 4 month programme, which can be extended on a monthly rolling basis.

Some clients prefer pure mentoring and some prefer a hybrid of mentoring and business advice. My client can choose how they’d prefer to work with me!

Bespoke programmes are available to suit your budget and the time needed. The price includes any urgent emails /text communication around an urgent situation that may arise in your business between sessions. Sessions held via Zoom.

Read here for more information