The Founders Club – A confidential place to discuss business

Having a confidential place to talk about business, express worries, talk about new ideas, the challenges of scaling a business and have a place to celebrate successes, is something that seems to be missing for many female founders. The Founders Club is a safe online space (meetings via Zoom) to meet with other like-minded women for an added level of business support, confidential conversations, brainstorming and a place to help help form and develop exciting new business strategies. Having input from others to help you make better business decisions, women who inpsire you, will share their insight and knowledge about how they are scaling and developing their own business, is always helpful and constructive. Ironically the more successful you become in business then the less people you may have to turn to, to seek sound and valuable advice.

The Founders Club

The Founders Club was set up in the summer of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. I reflected and appreciated having my own ‘inner circle’ of trusted business associates with whom I could talk confidentially and openly, to explore new ideas. I thought that others may benefit too to be surrounded by others who would happily share valuable and sound business advice. Being in business can become a lonely place if you don’t have peers to share the successes and the challenges or seek advice.

‘The Founders Club’ was created as a way to introduce some of my consultancy clients to each other. I knew the women I worked with would really like and respect each other and were mostly at a similar stage in business. I was right, they loved meeting each other and talking business! After all, they are like-minded business women.

The monthly meetings are a place to discuss new initiatives, ideas or simply to ask for help or input for a problematic situation (or problematic client) and seek respected views, opinions and advice from others who may have experienced a similar situation. The women involved in ‘The Founders Club’ are aspirational business owners and they are experienced business women. They have development, growth & scaling their business at the heart of everything they do and appreciate that they you can get further ahead in business when they have mutual support from others. They believe in collaboration over competition.

A business support group for female business founders

The Founders Club is not a networking group but a dedicated business support group for entrepreneurial female business founders and co-founders. It offers a chance for collaborative thinking with a mentoring ‘edge’.

There is no pitching for business, no professional lockout, no selling, but a place to learn from others who may be more experienced, in the same or similar business, or possess a specialist business expertise. A place to share valuable business experience and knowledge. The sessions are confidential and provide the opportunity to discuss business through facilitated and structured discussion. No subject is too big or too small.

Grow your peer group

Growing and scaling a business can be stressful, time consuming, problematic, expensive and challenging but surrounding yourself with an added business expertise is always helpful and sensible when you’re serious about developing your business. There is nothing better than being in the company of generous spirited peers, bouncing ideas and exploring new information. Sharing goals and business aspirations can be reassuring even for the most confident and experienced business owner. Seeking different perspectives is often very powerful and inspiring, particularly when you only see your own point of view most of the time. The Founders Club offers new (and varied) perspectives for everyday business scenarios and challenges.

Experience matters!

Those involved are experienced business women who are scaling their business. They have a lot to share and are generous with their time, ideas and information. They have no agenda other than to help other women succeed and gain advice from others they admire. Each has aspirations of growth, development and ‘scaling up’ for their business and brand. The common thread between them is the determination to be successful.

The monthly sessions (via Zoom) are intimate (a maximum of 14 women per group to encourage meaningful discussion) which allows each woman to have a ‘voice’ and time to share her advice and opinions. The sessions have become invaluable to those involved, helping to push their business forward. A session they look forward to each month and will not miss!

Being in smaller groups mean that each woman has the opportunity to get to know each other well. They can fully understand what the other has as plans for business growth, to be able to offer suggestions, new ideas, share hindsight or be able to offer a helping hand where needed. The meetings are also great for moral support.

New groups will be launching in 2021/ 2022. If you’re a female founder (or co-founder) and looking for something ‘different’ to support you and your business (that is definitely not networking) but works perfectly alongside and has a completely different puprose, then please
get in touch. It is important to build a valuable ‘power circle’ around you and your business, so you don’t have to go it alone!

Who would benefit?

Female founders who are driven and motivated to achieve business success by scaling their business.

Female founders who inspire others, have something to give and are willing to share their business knowledge!

Female founders who want a place to ‘belong’ with like-minded women and a place to share their ‘value’.

Female founders who love to discuss business with others, join in with collaborative group mentoring but are open and receptive to new ideas and ways to approach situations and challenges in their own business.

Female founders with enough experience of running a business that they can bring something valuable to the conversations.

Female founders (and co-founders) who are innovative and have created their brand from the ground up!

Female founders who may feel that they have ‘outgrown’ their networking and now want more focused conversations about business.

Please get in touch for an informal chat to find out more if this sounds like you. Why not join our waitlist?

Membership is by personal invitation only. Each group is carefully curated, inclusive, positive and powerful!

Please email for more information.