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Hello, I’m Jan Ibbott. I’m a solutions based business advisor and mentor to women in business. I’m passionate about working with inspiring, self-motivated female entrepreneurs and helping them to create a viable, profitable business that provides them with the future they deserve.

In the early stages of my own business journey, I realised that my way of doing things wasn’t the ‘norm’. My thoroughness, my attention to detail and my ability to think in a strategic way has seen me through a varied and successful career – and now I use my own skills and personal experiences to help women like you fast-track their new business venture.

My journey

After many years working in the corporate world, I set up my own small jewellery business in 2001.

It was hard work and took a lot of time and energy and utilising my own skills and marketing knowledge, I honed my business acumen over the years, which paid off when I founded and launched WIBN in 2005.

As the founder and Managing Director of a fast-growing business network designed exclusively for women, it soon became clear that I really enjoyed working with start-up businesses.

Witnessing first-hand how long it can take new businesses to get off the ground, I realised how many important processes are often missed during the pre-launch phase, through a lack of experience, which can lead to unexpected challenges later in the development of the business.

Developing & Growing WIBN

Developing and growing the WIBN network through an ethical and fully supported franchise model was a great way to learn so much about growing a business and particularly how to scale a business. I decided to sell the WIBN network and brand in 2011 to allow time for new ideas, opportunities and new business aspirations. I began to think about how I could use my knowledge to help others who are at the very start of their business journey. I knew from speaking and dealing with WIBN members over the years that my passion lay in helping others realise their potential, so I decided to set up a new boutique business advisory consultancy, to run alongside my WIBN networking groups, to specifically support female entrepreneurs.

I set up Business Buddy in 2012. Because I loved networking and meeting amazing business women so much, I also stayed involved with WIBN running groups. I re-branded under my own name in 2020. I decided to finally leave WIBN in 2021 to launch ‘The Founders Club’ (see here for more information). which was an idea that I have during the first lockdown of the pandemic, as it gave me time to reflect on what business women actually needed for their business (collectively). I realised that collaboration over competition was the way to go.

Something missing..

When I realised that there was something critical missing from most networking, I decided to set up a dedicated business support club for female founders and co-founders, supporting women who are ‘big thinkers’ and want to talk about their business aspirations and business strategies in a safe space, a place where they could drop their guard, be authentic and share their business dilemma’s and successes.

The pilot group proved to be an immediate success. New groups will be launching during 2021 /2022. The groups are made up of selective hand picked women, women who come with a great mix of skills, knowledge, business experience, growth mindset, positive attitude and generosity of spirit. Each group is carefully curated (personally by me) which has contributed to it’s success. It is by invitation only to ensure that the dynamics work for each group.

Work with me

As well as running ‘The Founders Club’ groups, I work on a 1:1 with business owners directly. I offer business support, advice, strategy and mentoring. I do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Of course, there are often commonalities between clients, but I prefer not to be briefed before we meet. I work best when I think and react directly, during our time together, to the challenges you’re experiencing at that exact moment in time in your business.

What sets me apart from other consultants is the huge network of contacts that I have built over the years and am happy to share with my client’s to help fast track their business using my valuable connections.

Through my work with WIBN, leading and facilitating business networking groups, I regularly came into contact with a wide range of talented professionals. This means I can sign-post my clients to people who will be able to support them with different aspects of their business or advise them on a networking strategy for their business.

If you need support with your business, please get in touch and let’s have a chat. Email:

Let’s Work Together


I know that when it comes to helping businesses grow, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. As a dedicated business development consultant, I’m always on hand to guide my clients through the difficulties they will inevitably face, delivering expert insights in a clear and honest way and helping them navigate unfamiliar territory.