Stimulating… Clarity…

“I worked with Jan to review the direction in which I wanted to take my business. Our discussions were stimulating; Jan helped me bring clarity to how I want my business to develop and where I should be improving my marketing efforts. She had plenty of ideas and incorporated all her recommendations into a contact report listing the action points for me to work on. This was promptly provided and really helpful.” 

Cass – Image Consultant

Personable… Reassuring…

“Jan is great to work with; very personable, reassuring and well researched. She had looked into every area of my business in advance of our Business Buddy session and come up with not only areas I could improve on my current business activities, but also a host of ideas for me to reinvigorate my business and help drive my business forward for the coming year.”

Tori – Photographer

Clear-sighted advice…

“I had a consultation with Jan about developing my business. She gave me her clear-sighted advice, which I am now working on. She has helped my re-focus on what is my true expertise and what I need to do to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Its early days, but it gave me the confidence to start to make decisive changes. I would recommend Jan as a business consultant.”

Kathy – Garden Designer

The push I needed…

“Jan takes time to understand where your business is at and where you want it to go. Jan gave me the ‘push’ that I needed to get my business moving in the right direction and it is already paying off.”

Karen – Physiotherapist

Incisive & Insightful

I found Jan to be an inspiring and reinvigorating help to my business in so many ways at our ‘Hot Seat’ session. She is very calm and supportive whilst also being very incisive and insightful about business. She not only saw the gaps in my business strategy but she teased out issues that I hadn’t even been aware of myself. I felt so energised and positive after my session with Jan, chomping at the bit to put some of her ideas into action. I’d highly recommend a Hot Seat session with Jan as a really direct way of boosting your business and giving you, the business person, a real boost into the bargain

Helen – Public Relations

You were 100% right!

I just wanted to say thank you for our ‘Hot Seat’ session.  The more I think about your suggestions, the more I realise you were 100% right, it was very inspiring and it has given me a new direction and a ‘fire’ to succeed.  As well as excellent feedback about my business, you gave constructive suggestions of what to do to push it forward. Your feedback will enable me to shape and drive my company, to reach its full potential, which I am very grateful for.

Carol – Mental Health Coach

Brilliant..thank you!

Thank you Jan. I loved our ‘Hot Seat’ session, I gained so much clarity. Your business knowledge, honesty and advice is exactly what I needed. Anyone who has their own business no matter what stage they’re at, would without doubt, benefit from your fresh eyes and expert advice. Brilliant! Thank you again!

Elizabeth – Emotional Health Practitioner

Jan will keep you on track…

“I highly recommend Jan, I have used both services several times for my business and it has helped me keep focused and concentrate on the things that I should be. It’s so easy to get lost in business, but with Jan’s straight talking she will get you back on the right track. Thank you !”

Margaret – Natural Skincare

Jan ‘pieced’ everything together

“I have just set up my own business and have felt very lost about the direction of the company and needed help defining the services I offer (especially as my business is quite varied, specialising in consumers, insights, analytics, market research and strategy). Jan was absolutely amazing!

I started off the session by talking about my business and Jan had many questions along the way. She was really able to ‘piece everything together’, define what I offer and advise me on how I should market my business. Jan’s recommendations seemed spot on and she really understood what I am trying to achieve.

I really would highly recommend Jan to any new or struggling businesses!!

Vicky – Consumer Insights Specialist

She turned my business thinking on its head!

“I had a session with Jan to look at putting together a strategy for my hobby, turned business. She totally turned my business thinking on its head helping me to set my intentions and long term financial goals. This enabled me to identify the types of clients needed going forward and the number hours per week I needed to work and to put a realistic value on my time.  She focused on setting up clear processes so I use my time more effectively and suggested an important re-brand for my visually led business. I loved her patient and calm approach and her ability to help me focus on helping myself and would recommend her wholeheartedly. In fact I feel another session is long overdue!

Sacha – Interior Designer

I came away absolutely buzzing from our ‘Hot Seat’ session

Thanks Jan. As you know, I had put this off for a while as I genuinely wasn’t sure what you could help me with, or more to the point, what area I needed help with. I was plodding along quite nicely and was quite happy with my ‘job’ after all, all I have to do is show people how to save people money. But I didn’t realise I was missing a bigger picture, which was right under my nose! After our ‘Hot Seat’ I came away absolutely buzzing with new ideas and a brand new strategy. I couldn’t wait to get home to get started, in fact I didn’t wait, the telephone calls started in the car as I left the Car Park !!

What you gave me was clarity, vision, and the realisation that these few simple tweaks and a niche, that suits me personally, is going to be a very exciting journey.. Thanks again for your time and your wisdom..

Sharon – Utilities Provider

Our chat planted seeds that took root…

I had a hot seat with Jan in December last year and although I went in thinking I was fairly ‘set’ in my vision and what I thought my problems were, it really made me think about things in a different way. I remember coming away feeling almost uncomfortable with some of the things we had spoken about, because they just seemed like problems that were impossible to solve.

But our chat planted seeds which over the following couple of months really took root- I’m now in the process of setting up a completely new business, with a much clearer strategy in mind, and I’m incredibly excited for this to take shape over the next few months- and I would put it all down to the chat I had with Jan!

Can’t recommend it enough, to get some business clarity!

Charlotte – Financial Advisor

Thanks Jan for your diligent and constructive support!

I had booked a strategy session with Jan and had been really satisfied with her input and support.  My business was relatively new the first time we worked together. There were a lot of boxes to tick to ensure I was presenting and marketing it in the correct manner.  I spent a large part of a day with Jan at my studio where she did an in depth fact find on me and the business.  Throughout our first session Jan threw several suggestions and options at me which were incredibly constructive and time saving.  After our session she sent a written report with how she proposed I move forward.  I began ticking the list of ‘to do’ tasks which started to pay dividends.  It kept my main focus on the priority areas that she recommended.

I highly recommend Jan as your Business Advisor & Mentor as she is always there for you when you need her.  Thanks Jan for your diligent and constructive support

Alison – Interior Designer

Jan was recommended as a Business Mentor

Jan was recommended to me as a business mentor by a friend who has been using Jan’s services for a while now.  Not having had a business background, I have been struggling with starting up my business venture due to fears and doubts which have been holding me back.  I was in real need of some guidance on business start-ups and how best to proceed and also on whether my idea would be a viable venture or not.  I booked in a business develoment strategy plan session with Jan which was the most valuable session I have ever had with anybody.

We went through my options and Jan was so considerate of how both mine and my partners business ideas would impact our family life that she thought out an action plan which would involve both myself and my partner in a joint business venture.  Jan has worked a miracle for us and words can not thank her enough for all the advice she has given to us.  I highly recommend Jan for anybody who is struggling with getting  a business started or anybody looking to add some innovation into their project to maximise their true potential and to receive massive gains.

Anu – Yoga Retreat

Jan blew me away with her suggestions and vision for my business!

I had high expectations for my meeting with Jan, as she had come highly recommended.

I’d booked the hot seat to discuss my pricing.  I knew my business could be making more than it was, but felt my pricing structure was holding me back.  So I booked in.

I have to say, Jan just blew me away with her suggestions and vision for my business.  Some to implement straight away and some that will take a bit longer.   The obstacles I had regarding my pricing have now been resolved, and I have a strategy moving forward.

Jan has opened my eyes as to what is possible in terms of my business, and how I should go about putting things into place. I’m so grateful to of been introduced to her.   If I implement what Jan has suggested it will be truly life changing in terms of my lifestyle and income.

Jan is straight talking, and I love this.  She has a true talent for seeing ‘what is, and what could be’, and if you are running a business, I’d urge you to give her a call and get yourself booked in too.   It really could change your life.

Tracy – Bio-mechanics & Movement Coach

She is a straight talking expert

I met Jan networking and was immediately struck by her expertise and professionalism. Suffering terribly with imposter syndrome I approached her to about how I might take my photography business forward as I was looking to appeal to a better standard of client but I was doubting myself, (something Jan has reminded me is quite common).

She was so informative and asked all the difficult questions I had been avoiding for some time. Just concentrating on one area of my business that I was sure I should be growing she unpicked all the excuses I gave her and really helped me visualise my future with the clients I wanted to attract and gave me a clear and concise action plan to follow.

Not only have I put these actions in place, but I have also managed to completely rebuild my website aimed at my ideal client. I am looking and feeling professional (no more imposter syndrome) and ready to take on any challenges head on thanks to Jan. I cannot recommend her highly enough, for any business hurdles or worries you may be having – she is a straight talking expert and if you follow her advice, you are sure to succeed.

Claire J – Photographer

I feel really excited about my new direction

Thank you so much for today’s session. You have really helped me to focus and I feel really excited about my new direction.

It actually feels like a bit of a light bulb moment, a real ‘why have I not already done that’?

Claire N – Photographer

Jan’s advice was inspiring, thought provoking & invaluable.

Jan’s advice was inspiring, thought-provoking, and invaluable. She helped me gain a clearer vision of what I want from my new business and the steps needed to achieve it. I would recommend one of her ‘hot seat’ sessions to anyone embarking on a new venture – or if they feel they’ve lost their way or want to take their existing business in a different direction. She is incisive in her thinking and has lots of clever suggestions to get you on the right track.

Mo – Home Staging

Thanks for your input & valuable advice

Thank you very much for your input and very valuable advice after having a critical look at my business and the way forward. I enjoyed our meeting and working through the emotions of feedback and suggestions. I am planning to make time this week and start the actions!!

Elanna – Interior Designer

Jan instinctively understood what would work…

I recently had a Hot Seat session with Jan to talk about my plans to expand and add revenue streams to my business. Jan instinctively understood what would work and enabling me to start steering the business in the right direction. It was so worthwhile being able to bounce ideas around. Jan is definitely the business mentor I need – professional, intuitive and sincere. Thank you Jan

Lisa  – Pet Services

An inspiring meeting & business advice session…

Thank you so much for your time yesterday and for such an inspiring meeting and business advice session.

It was invaluable to have your insights and and I am looking forward to progressing my business in a now more specific direction.

Ellie – Supper Clubs

Jan’s experience & expertise is so valuable

“Jan has been such a HUGE help in moving my business forward and helping me get clarity and direction in my business. Her experience and expertise is so valuable to anyone setting up a new business. I know she could really help you better understand the process of setting up and building your business and help you determine a plan for growing it.

Alex – Graphic Designer

I am so excited about the future…

Thanks so much for the meeting this afternoon.

You totally confirmed everything that I already knew but it is so nice to have confirmation that I am making the right changes in order to progress the business forward.

My creative juices are once again flowing and I am soooo excited about how to take things forward.

Helen – Soft Furnishings

It clarified my thinking…

I had a hot seat with Jan to discuss a new business idea.  Jan listened, challenged and added-value! It was a really useful experience as it clarified my thinking, gave me other things to consider and made me re-prioritise my action plan. The process has given me clarity and confidence with what I am doing.

Thank you Jan – it was a great experience and the value gained is enormous!

Jackie – Executive Coach

Her advice is nothing short of excellent…

With a wealth of experience and expertise Jan can quickly identify the flaws and cracks in a fledgling business and help fix them. Her instincts matched with care, attention and focus are what any small business looking to succeed requires. Jan has a business pedigree that is difficult to match in today’s fast moving world. I have seen her in action and used her services several times and her advice is nothing short of excellent. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jan.

Carol – Website Designer & Developer

Jan helped me identify exactly what I wanted to achieve

Jan was a great listener and totally dedicated to understanding my business needs. Once this was done, she helped me to identify exactly what I wanted to achieve from your business and together we developed a clear marketing strategy that I have implemented with great results. Jan is supportive all the way and continues to provide help and encouragement and nudges me in the right direction from time to time. I enjoy working Jan and know I will always come away with something new to help my business. Her generosity and commitment to helping others to succeed and achieve their goals is an admirable quality. Thank you Jan.

Suzy – Life Coach

I am so excited about the future…

Having had an initial 3 hour consultation on my business with Jan I asked her to be my business mentor for a few months to help me with the business side of my Photography work. Jan is not only incredibly professional and efficient but she knows her business, gives excellent advice and also is very supportive and understanding. We all know what we’re selling, but we don’t all know how to run a business.

So if you feel a bit ‘lost at sea’ with the business of running your business, I highly recommend Jan Ibbott to help you.

Rebecca – Photographer

Our session felt like a chat with a friend…

“I recently had a business review session with Jan and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Not only does Jan bring with her a wealth of experience from her corporate background, as well as having set up a number of her own successful businesses, but she has such a personable approach that it doesn’t feel like a business review; more like a chat with a friend that just happens to have an excellent output in the form of report of your business situation with options for ways to move forward.

As a Coach, I certainly appreciate how an objective review of your current situation helps provide a different perspective that you may not have previously thought of, or indeed clarity to all the ideas/problems swimming around your head and can’t thank Jan enough for helping me make the next steps forward a lot clearer!

Katie – Transformation Coach

She has great business acumen…

“Working with Jan is fantastic! She has given me the confidence and support to take things further in my business and try out new ideas. To be able to work with someone of Jan’s knowledge and wealth of experience in business is a must for all budding entrepreneurs out there. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Tracey – Graphic Designer

She has great business acumen…

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jan where she helped to guide my business . She has great business acumen and can spot opportunities that you simply don’t see. She is well connected and will always be able to signpost you in the right direction if she can’t help you herself.

Claire – Marketing

I have engaged Jan’s services on 3 occasions…

I have employed Jan’s Business Development services on 3 occasions. Jan has been able to help me channel my thoughts and focus on what I want to achieve in business, and how I could set about this. She listens well and is a creative thinker. Thereby stimulating many new ideas to potentially pursue. I would recommend her services, and plan to utilise them myself further.

Claire – Osteopath

An exacting eye for finding your USP

“Jan Ibbott has an exacting eye for finding the USP and an original approach for immediate results. Her own USP is an uncanny knack of putting her finger instantly on the pulse of what is currently wanted by the client’s customer base.

Paula – Stress & Resilience Trainer

Jan is a decisive strategist…

My Hot Seat with Jan was truly illuminating. Due to the current health pandemic our meeting was via Zoom rather than in person, but Jan didn’t ‘just turn up’, she was prepped and ready to get on with business, having already given thought to my business concerns based on my initial contact. I finished the session with a ‘to do’ list, plus suggestions of a number of possible routes for me to pursue.

Jan has all of traits you would expect of an experienced, successful businesswoman – the ability to listen carefully; an agile mind that gives her clarity of thought and allows her to come up with creative suggestions to resolve business problems; and she is a decisive strategist. However, she is also a lovely human being – she is friendly and supportive, and understands that everyone is unique and so needs a unique solution for their business.

I would highly recommend Jan, I’m sure she will be able to help you and your business.

Anne – Skincare Specialist & Aethestician

Jan has given me the confidence I need to move forward with my business.

I had a hot seat session with Jan and have come away from it with lots of practical advice which I can’t wait to put into place. It has given me confidence in the next steps I need to take to move forward with my business

Hannah – Graphic Designer

I have no hesitation in recommending Jan!

“With a wealth of experience and expertise Jan can quickly identify the flaws and cracks in a fledgling business and help fix them. Her instincts matched with care, attention and focus are what any small business looking to succeed requires. Jan has a business pedigree that is difficult to match in today’s fast moving world. I have seen her in action as well as using her services myself and she is nothing short of excellent. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jan

Carol – SEO Specialist & Website Design

She is a very inspiring and motivating person…

Jan listens attentively, thinks creatively and shares her insightful knowledge to help you develop your business. She’s a very inspiring and motivating person; she cares about helping people to reach their goals. I’m grateful for her help and happily recommend her services.

Barbara – Virtual Assistant