‘Momentum’ Mastermind & Mentoring Group – Created For Female Entrepreneurs

I’ve created the ‘Momentum’ Mastermind & Mentoring Group for ambitious female founders and business women who want to develop, grow or scale their business. The 4 month intensive period will ensure each person will ‘level up’ to fast track results.

The group sessions offer collaborative support and encouragement as well as benefiting from the 1:1 individual private mentoring from me, will enable founders and entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

Many successful business leaders have recognised the need to be part of a mastermind group through history. High profile entrepreneurs and business leaders who have engaged in mastermind groups, dedicating time to spend with their peers, where they share ideas and gain insights, have succeeded faster growing and developing their business, than those that do not!

Seeking support from other high achieving business women is the sign of a smart and astute founder and leader.

Growing and developing a brand is expensive, time consuming and often lonely, but when operating in a collaborative and collective environment within a diverse group, who also have the same level of experience or ambition, you’ll experience tangible and quicker results.

The group sessions will be facilitated via Zoom as well as the ongoing use of a dedicated communication channel to stay in touch with other members of the group for ongoing encouragement, advice, sharing successes and accountability. Group members will also be able to communicate regularly with me through the channel,

Working Together

Being part of a small group of inspiring female entrepreneurs who are carefully selected and curated as a group, each person at a similar stage in business, will help individuals develop their own business further and quicker than going solo. Intensive focus over a 4 month period will yield more focused results. It will mean developing your business further, whether for growth or scale. Having the benefit of an ‘inner circle’ of high calibre entrepreneurs, women that you trust and admire, is very powerful for you and your business.

Individual Focus

The support each business founder will experience during the programme will be intense, firstly sitting in the ‘hot seat’ each month during the group monthly sessions’, sharing individual goals, benefiting from peer input, plus 1:1 mentoring each month with me will collectively and individually help each person problem solve, work deeper on their business and develop not only their brand but themselves as a business leader.

Becoming accountable to others within the group will help each founder accelerate their business, banishing time for procrastination! Each business founder will emerge stronger and more successful.

Accountability = Progress

Founders by virtue of being entrepreneurial are often not accountable for their actions or business activities. During their time at the Mastermind & Mentoring Group, they will! They will see a big shift in productivity and results.

When accountability is at zero, the longer term goals can become overlooked as the day to day activities and tasks take over. Many become focused on working in the business rather than on the business. The ‘bigger picture’ becomes increasingly smaller. The much needed strategic focus for developing a business can get pushed to one side. Success can take so much longer when taking the journey alone.

What to do next…

If you’d like to talk about getting involved in my next ‘Momentum’ Mastermind & Mentoring Group please contact me and tell me about your business, what you’re looking to achieve and why you feel that joining my Mastermind Group would be the right approach for you.

We can have a ‘no obligation’ and informal chat so that I can find out more about you and your business plans to make sure we are the right ‘fit’ before applying to join the group Mastermind.

The small group of business women chosen for this group will be considered carefully to ensure that the dynamics are perfect for optimum results. Contact me here

I look forward to speaking soon.