Working with a business mentor – is it a good idea?

Working with a business mentor is definitely a good idea to help you develop and grow your business, as well as develop your business skills and knowledge.

A mentor will always help you see things from a different perspective. You may be experiencing narrow vision if you make all the decisions yourself. Having somebody working alongside you who is not part of your business or your team, is a good idea. They are not emotionally attached and can bring so much impartiality to you and your business.

Be brave!

They will encourage you to explore a different viewpoint, one that is probably quite different from your own. They can encourage you to be braver in your business decisions or ideas and highlight possibilities you had not considered.

A mentor will share their business experience with you, their hindsight, their foresight and their knowledge. They will share their contacts with you, to help you connect to the right people, at the right time, to help you move your business forward. Even as an experienced business owner we all need somebody that has more experience, not necessarily in the same industry or sector, but somebody that has walked the journey you’re about to take, and who has a differing view to our own. The can bring massive benefits to your business.

Guiding you to a better path

You should consider working with somebody that will stretch you, challenge you, question your decision making and guide you onto a better path, one that is good for you and your business, if needed.

Nudging you along….

We’ve all been there as business owners, a difficult decision to make, unsure how to handle a challenge or just questioning your own ability, is where a business mentor will be a valuable asset to you. They will be on hand, to nudge you in the right direction, stop you from procrastinating, avoiding difficult decisions and will assist you in ‘real time’ when you need it! A reassuring but guiding hand.

Having somebody to talk to, confidentially, is worth its weight in gold. A sounding board for new ideas, someone that can listen to your concerns and worries, listen to things about your business that you cannot discuss with your family, friends or business associates. You can allow your vulnerabilities to show, talk about things happening within your business that you cannot expose to your employees or business partner.

Seek advice

Your business mentor is there to share the highs and the lows, to give you confidence, to be by your side when you need them. Your business mentor should be the person whose judgement you trust, seek their advice and knowledge, and can ask questions about anything.

Your self-development and confidence, as a business owner, will grow and improve and so will your business!

A worthwhile relationship

Some mentoring relationships may be shorter term but many can last for years, if you find the right person to work with. As your business grows so will your business knowledge and also your relationship. The relationship can become even more valuable as time goes on, as you learn to work them into your business success story!

Working with a mentor means that you work at your pace, you lead the session, you share what you’re comfortable sharing.

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Photograph courtesy of Prateek Katyal – Unsplash