A Tsunami?

Well, we knew it was coming, but not like this! So many businesses, falling into serious financial distress, in the space of just days rather than weeks! Lives (and livelihoods) falling apart in a heartbeat. Fear and despair settling immediately!

The Cavalry

There is help around the corner very soon for businesses including support for small and micro businesses, so stay strong, hold on, help will arrive soon.

Business owners are rightly worried and overwhelmed about the ability to pay staff, pay rent on premises, pay business rates, pay their mortgage and much more. There are many sleepless nights on the horizon, worrying about money, survival and people. It’s not about survival of the fittest, it’s purely about survival.

How can you adapt?

Now is the time to think outside the box, how can you translate your current business to an online offering? Become creative in your thinking, find out quickly, what message you need to tell your customers or clients. Is it business as usual or an adaptation of the original model. Keep them informed and updated.

Think positively

Are you lucky enough to be able to work from home, run your business (albeit ticking over) rather than seeing it thrive as before. Try not to allow yourself to fall into a ‘pity me’ mind-set. Think positively. Search for the silver lining in this awful situation. The situation is one which is beyond your control so control the things you can. Learn to become resilient.

Start planning your exit from the stranglehold of lockdown and COVID-19. Start planning new beginnings. Start planning!

Research, research, research.

Spend time researching new innovative ways to run your business, ways to attract a new market or niche the one you have. Allow yourself to consider everything, from every angle, until somethings feels right and good for you (and your business).

A nation of independent businesses

Small businesses should turn to their network for support and re-assurance, business owners must hold each other up. We are a nation of independent businesses who support the economy, our time will come again, so try to ride the tide and hold on tight.

Stay strong, stay connected and stay safe.


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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