Don’t Panic

When business is slow, rather than panic, use the time wisely to constructively address issues or challenges within your business that may need attention. Use the surplus time you now have to do the tasks that get ignored when you’re too busy.

For example forensically check your business account for any unnecessary spending or costs if you are going through a dry patch in your business. Small amounts soon add up! See where you can make savings.

Know your numbers!

Start with your book keeping and accounts and make sure they are up to date. Have you have invoiced all your clients for any work outstanding or chased any outstanding invoices to be paid to your business. Use the reporting system within your online accounting software to see where there has been a drop in revenue or an increase in costs versus this time last year or even last month. You can only assess your business properly when you know your numbers! Without doing this, you have can have a false sense of what is happening.

Update your content

Start on your marketing. Go through your website and see if all your content is up to date, all services and products are mentioned, change images if they have been in place for years, look at the backend of the site /SEO and put in key words to have a better chance of being found in search engine searches and achieve better rankings. Check for broken links and generally spend time tidying up or updating your site.

Stay on brand..

Take a look at your Social Media channels and start scheduling posts via apps such as Hootsuite or Buffer and automate for the month ahead. Make new graphics to enhance your posts (keeping to your brand guidelines, colours and fonts). A simple app /site to use would be something like Canva. There are lots of different templates to choose and use and to personalise for your own business with your own branding. I suggest going for the pro version for more flexibilit and to be able to put in your own brand colours and personalise. People like images rather than a load of text! Easier on the eye and pull you in.

Conversations are key!

Remember on Social Media it’s not all about blatant messaging, often it’s more about conversations. Comment on other peoples posts and start a rapport. If they’re interested in what you have to say, they will check out your profile. Sometimes a softly softly approach can be best. If promoting your business, do not blast your social channels with lots of me, me posts. A mixture of marketing and conversation is best.

Build relationships

Start networking! Networking is a great way to grow your business but don’t expect immediate results. You may get some quick wins, but these are not sustainable. The purpose of networking is to build relationships. Long lasting relationships. Don’t show up at every networking event online that you can, deliver your message and leave, never to be seen again. This is broadcasting a message rather than developing a strategic relationship with other businesses. Investing in relationships is a much quicker way to build your network when others feel confident to share their clients with you.

These are just a few ideas of things you can do if your business slows down. However, you can always do more. Just keep doing, and moving it forward.

Sometimes just focusing on your business and giving it the 100% focus and energy it deserves, can make things happen. Use the time you have to put 100% focus on making a difference!