Why business ideas come about

Why business ideas come about. You can achieve inspiration and ideas for setting up a new business from lots of different sources and situations.

You may experience a very bad service from a local or national company and decide that you can do it bigger and better or could offer better customer service than they are. Perhaps you could take a similar product to another level altogether (in your mind they are not making the most of a business opportunity).

Plugging a gap

You may be a natural ‘creator’ or inventor of things and you’re always looking to solve problems (but make sure it is a problem worth solving). You could be looking to fill a need for the next ‘big’ thing by using everyday problems to solve.

Igniting a new idea!

You may experience a personal frustration where you wished you had xxx to use to help you solve a problem or situation, but it was not available despite searching the internet high and low. You’ve now spotted a gap in the market! A gap that has now ignited the creative idea of how you could introduce one yourself to a new market or adapt an existing idea to make it fit an existing problem.

It may be a purposeful idea, something that you’ve been searching for to ignite a passion in you, for you to be able to set up a business without any necessary skills.


Think about future problems we may face and try to future proof your idea (you may be way ahead of the curve and a bit radical for now, but could make a killing when in 10 years’ time the situation or frustration becomes a big issue!

Basically, ideas can come from anywhere, at any time! We can all have a Eureka moment at some time in our life but it is whether you act on it or let the moment and idea pass, as to whether you can make a business from it.