A Business Mentor is Worth It

Working hand in hand with a Business Advisor & Mentor means that you have a sounding board to discuss new ideas for growth and consider whether the investment you need to push your business forward, is worth it.

Have you planned for growth from the very beginning of your business journey?

Maybe your business has had organic growth but it’s now growing at a faster pace and you’re not ready to handle it.

Strategy & Process Analysis

Let’s talk about things you may need to consider to put new processes or procedures in place. For example, do you need an IT Strategy for technology and remote working for your staff or do you work with ‘ad hoc’ outsourced help because you don’t feel ready to employ?

Both need exploring and consideration on how best to work your business model, to suit your business. Are you reaching the stage where you need to employ staff but don’t know how or when to take the plunge? Do you have experience or knowledge of current legislation, employer’s obligations and responsibilities?

What type of business model are you using to scale up your business?

Is it a scalable business? Is it a business that may be suitable for franchising or licensing?

Catch It Before It Falls

Businesses that grow too quickly are often ill prepared and can fall down quickly through a lack of planning.

Growth of a business has so many considerations and dimensions. Get it wrong and it can be risky both emotionally and financially, but get it right and it can be so rewarding and well deserved.

Many clients I’ve worked with in the past have been mature businesses that just need a fresh pair of eyes, a different perspective, somebody asking probing questions & challenging the status quo. When you work ‘in’ your business, often alone, it is hard to keep sight of the strategy for growth.

If this sounds like you, then please get in touch for an introductory chat.